Tuesday Tip: Population Health in Physical Therapy

This week, Scott and Ryan discuss how PTs are using StriveHub to have an impact on population health in their local communities. If this Tuesday Tip peaked your interest and you are interested in learning more about how we can help you serve your local community, click here: hbspt.cta.load(275574, 'ec254cf7-9617-4e82-b5a1-60ae1a183360', {});

Top 5 Tips for Building Patient-Provider Relationships

If you are at all active in social media, you need no introduction to Jerry Durham. Jerry is passionate about physical therapy, the San Francisco Giants, socks, shoes, and the patient experience. He has presented on the topic of the patient experience at APTA CSM, APTA PPS, and in private training courses for clinic owners and therapists. We asked Jerry for his top 5 tips for building a strong patient/provider relationship. Here’s what he had to share: 1)

Creating Meaningful Behavioral Change through Relationships

My friend Mark Fisher is the founder of Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. The MFF Clubhouse (don’t call it a gym!) is a hotbed of evidence based training combined with the theatrics of a Broadway play. MFF’s tagline is “Ridiculous Humans, Serious Fitness.” Over the past few years, Mark has created a culture where clients feel comfortable being themselves while working toward their own personal health goals. When I visited MFF (as I waded through the glitter and

Tuesday Tip: How to Build a Relationship with Your Physical Therapy Patient

Those of you who are active on Twitter need no introduction to Lisa Maczura. She is the sassy, well-spoken, thought-provoking instigator behind the account @lisamacncheese. Lisa is an adult with Cerebral Palsy who reminds all of us that we need to partner with our patients in order to build lifelong relationships. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa at CSM2016 in Anaheim, where she shared her story as part of a patient panel through the Section on Women’s Health.

Tuesday Tip #10: Proactive Engagement Monitoring

This week we're focusing on a certain sub-section of patient engagement-- proactive engagement monitoring. I'm will show you how to leverage tools that help you monitor patient engagement at your practice, and identify patients early on who may be at risk of dropping out of care. One of the ways we can check in on patients during care is by using a Net Promoter® Survey. If you aren't using NPS® at your clinic, we devoted an entire month of content

Tuesday Tip #9: Patient Engagement Beyond the Clinic

Last week, Scott and Ryan talked about why compliance is a dirty word, and why we should always be aiming for engagement in its place. This week, Ryan talks about ways to engage patients between their visits, helping them continue to see the value of their physical therapy care. Have more questions about patient engagement? Our inbox is always open at hello@strivelabs.com, or follow us on Twitter-- we're always ready to talk patient engagement in physical therapy! And