Introducing: TheraVid

All this week, we’ve been introducing the StriveHub Platform. So far we’ve outlined why we built StriveHub, given you an overview of the Patient Relationship Management Process, and profiled two of the three major components of the StriveHub platform- StriveHub Reach and StriveHub Portal. Today we’re looking back to where it all started for Strive Labs, our home exercise prescription tool, TheraVid. A Better Patient Experience Since 2012, our team has been looking at ways to improve

The Importance of Patient Retention

When speaking to therapy clinic owners, we always ask them the same questions: what are the top 3 metrics you track when assessing the health of your business?  The answer is usually the same – total visits, missed visit percentage (cancels and no-shows), and average reimbursement rate.  These are all crucial metrics for business success, and even slight changes in any of the above can cause significant movement in the business’ bottom line. One metric we don’t hear about that