Is your business digitally competent?

We're excited this week to have Gene Shirokobrod as our guest blogger! If you don't know Gene, he is a DPT, an entrepreneur, and a Co-founder and Chief Executive Jedi at UpDoc Media (a site you should check out ASAP if you haven't already). You can reach out to Gene on Twitter @therapyinsiders. And without further ado... I was hungry. My wife was hungry and didn’t particularly care about details, as long as it was sushi. To be fair,

Customer Success Story: The Importance of Online Review Generation

This month on the Strive Labs Blog we’re discussing reputation management. By now, we’ve all probably heard the saying that “Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” These days, “the room” is a global network that runs 24/7. With review sites like Yelp, potential customers have access to stories good and bad about customers’ experiences with your business – stories they would have only had access to via word of

You Don’t Say? Reputation Management & Online Review Generation

Back before the birth of the Internet and Google, people searched for goods and services the old fashioned way – the Yellow Pages. When consumers needed a painter or plumber, they simply searched through the pages and found one. Quite possibly they picked the one with the half page ad that caught their eye, or picked AAA Tree Trimmers because they were listed first. Alternatively, folks might have asked their neighbors for a recommendation. Today, people still search for goods and