Is your business digitally competent?

We're excited this week to have Gene Shirokobrod as our guest blogger! If you don't know Gene, he is a DPT, an entrepreneur, and a Co-founder and Chief Executive Jedi at UpDoc Media (a site you should check out ASAP if you haven't already). You can reach out to Gene on Twitter @therapyinsiders. And without further ado... I was hungry. My wife was hungry and didn’t particularly care about details, as long as it was sushi. To be fair,

Free Download: 10 Links Your Physical Therapy Patients Will Love

The Puzzle Marketing to patients is a puzzle. When everything fits together, the result is picture perfect. Figuring out where everything comes together takes a lot of time, and if you mistake a couple of pieces for others, nothing seems to work and you end up throwing everything back into the box for the next rainy day or family gathering (seriously, though). You have probably noticed by now that at Strive Labs, we're always talking about the importance of sending

#Mobilegeddon is today: Here's what it means for your clinic's Google Search ranking

Starting today, Google is rolling out a major change to their search algorithm. Considering that roughly 70% of all web searches use Google, this could have a big impact on how your prospective patients find out about your practice. Follow along and we'll give you an inside peek into how the almighty Google-Box is changing, and how you can make sure your clinic's search rank doesn't suffer. What the heck is #mobilegeddon anyway? Starting April 21st, Google is making a

Physical Therapy and the Subscription Economy

If you've been watching your bank account recently, you may have noticed a lot more recurring transactions happening. I sure know I have (though I'm kind of a sucker for subscriptions). To put an eternity's worth of new music on my iPhone, I fork over $9.99 a month for Spotify. For unlimited TV shows and movies, it's another $7.99 for Netflix. I have razors shipped to me every month from Harry's so that I can shave the 1

The Biggest Marketing Asset in Physical Therapy

In your physical therapy clinic, you (hopefully) have a of bunch patients who are ‘frequent flyers’; those whose names find their way onto your schedule a few times every year. Because they’ve been in-and-out of your clinic more than most, many of these customers know you, your extended family, and your entire staff (along with their extended family). They can be spotted walking around town sporting a 5 year old raggedy t-shirt with your clinic’s logo & marketing

4 Steps to Use Online Reviews for Physical Therapy Marketing

If you’re like most physical therapy business owners, you underestimate the importance of online reviews, and you have no strategy for increasing them. In fact, one survey of small business owners showed that: Only 50% owners think that receiving online reviews is important factor in driving business. Just 13% have a strategy to increase their number of reviews I’ve talked to hundreds of physical therapy clinic owners, and can say without hesitation that, while these numbers look at