Introducing the StriveHub Platform

Over the last 12 months our team at Strive Labs has been working tirelessly to address one of the biggest problems facing our modern healthcare system. Today I’m incredibly excited to announce the result of this hard work, and outline the exciting new places we’re headed next. Where It All Started I’ve spent the better part of the last 8 years studying how people move. Our muscles, bones, and joints — so elegantly designed — all working together to

Engaging Consumers With A Visible Brand

Note: Our guest blogger this week is Dr. Ben Fung, a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is pursuing his MBA in Marketing at the University of Michigan. The Strive Labs Team is a big fan of his, and we consider his blog as one of the 21 PT Blogs You Should be Reading. You can catch up with him via Twitter @DrBenFung. Thank you for this post, Ben! Branding is a high octane word. It’s exciting, energetic, and is

4 Reasons that WOM Marketing Sucks (and Why You Should Try It Anyway)

As you have probably guessed already, I actually don’t believe that word-of-mouth marketing sucks. I think it’s great. But there are always those stragglers who are a bit skeptical, and here are some of the concerns they usually cite when explaining their lack of affinity for the word-of-mouth (WOM) approach. **1. It’s slow. ** This seems to be the most common concern to those who are considering WOM marketing—that it takes time to start seeing the results.

3 Keys to Boosting Word-of-Mouth Marketing Referrals at your Clinic

We all know how important word-of-mouth referrals are to the growth and sustainability of any business. There’s also no doubt that some companies are better than others when it comes to evangelizing their customer base, and growing through customer referrals (companies like Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and Apple come to mind). These companies aren’t successful because of luck or some other magical gift. Rather, they all have one thing in common: their core objective is to create customer evangelists.

9 Word-of-Mouth Stats That Will Make You Rethink Your Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy

We all inherently love word-of-mouth referrals– they are a reflection on our clinical effectiveness (and empathy), and also seem to drive a significant portion of any physical therapy clinic’s caseload. But because we don’t really see these things as they happen, we also tend to view word-of-mouth marketing as a vague process that goes on behind some mystical curtain. We tend to pretty much ignore word-of-mouth in our marketing strategy, instead choosing to focus on less tkcert exam

The Key to Boosting Word-Of-Mouth Referrals in Physical Therapy

Whether you know it or not, you are a customer evangelist. Every day, you tell others which cell phone to buy, which car to drive, and what restaurant to eat at. And if you’re anything like me, you make these recommendations with passion, honesty, and sincerity. Customer evangelists purchase and (more importantly) *believe in *a product. They passionately recommend a business to friends & family and provide unsolicited feedback or praise. Most importantly, customer evangelists cannot be bought. In