Free Download: 10 Links Your Physical Therapy Patients Will Love

The Puzzle Marketing to patients is a puzzle. When everything fits together, the result is picture perfect. Figuring out where everything comes together takes a lot of time, and if you mistake a couple of pieces for others, nothing seems to work and you end up throwing everything back into the box for the next rainy day or family gathering (seriously, though). You have probably noticed by now that at Strive Labs, we're always talking about the importance of sending

The Physical Therapist’s Guide to Patient Retention

At Strive Labs, we’re all about creating and retaining loyal customers. That’s how we help you grow your business. We know that all of the hard work you put into branding and marketing your practice is useless if you are unable to attract your target audience, assist them in the successful completion of their plan of care, and then send them out to become your raving fans. What we find quite often in our conversations with practice owners

Net Promoter® Score: The Physical Therapist's Key to Creating Loyal Customers

Imagine having the ability to identify unhappy customers at their third visit in order to perform a customer service rescue to create a satisfied lifelong client. Or the ability to identify your biggest fans at discharge in order to ask them to tell their friends and family about your services. This isn't a dream - a tool exists that can help you create and retain loyal customers. This tool is the Net Promoter® Score (NPS®). The Net Promoter® Score was

Top 11 Physical Therapy Marketing Resources to Grow Your Clinic

While there are a lot of physical therapists talking about marketing on LinkedIn and Twitter (check out #bizPT if you haven't already), it still remains difficult to really sink your teeth into marketing strategies and apply them directly to your clinic's marketing strategy. As such, we curated the Top 11 Physical Therapy Marketing Resources. These resources, ranging from podcasts to blog posts, are all from leaders in our industry, and are actionable... meaning checking them out will provide you with

The Biggest Marketing Asset in Physical Therapy

In your physical therapy clinic, you (hopefully) have a of bunch patients who are ‘frequent flyers’; those whose names find their way onto your schedule a few times every year. Because they’ve been in-and-out of your clinic more than most, many of these customers know you, your extended family, and your entire staff (along with their extended family). They can be spotted walking around town sporting a 5 year old raggedy t-shirt with your clinic’s logo & marketing

Introducing: StriveHub Reach

Earlier this week we announced the launch of StriveHub, a Patient Relationship Management Platform built specifically for health & wellness companies.  All this week we’ll be outlining key features of the platform.  The first component we will be featuring is StriveHub Reach.  Make sure to check back for overviews on StriveHub Portal and TheraVid HEP later on this week. How do new patients find out about your clinic? Word-of-mouth referrals are the lifeblood of the modern PT practice. Ask