What Physical Therapists can Learn from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is one of my personal heroes. While there are many reasons I admire him, I find his philosophical approach to everything the most salient and magnetic feature of admiration. We can learn numerous lessons from his life. Here are 5 lessons that apply to Physical Therapists as individuals, and Physical Therapy as a profession. Enjoy! 1. Framework The best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt on any

What Would MacGyver Do?

Our guest blog this week comes from our physio friend Cinema, who has a pretty great blog of their own, cinemasays.wordpress.com, one of the 21 physical therapy blogs we think you should be reading. Catch up with them on Twitter @Cinema_Air. Thanks for this post! MacGyver has been an icon of resourcefulness ever since he first hit TV decades ago. While we may not be able to cobble together lifesaving devices using toothpicks and chewing gum, there

Apps for That: How to Stay Up to Date in Physical Therapy

Our guest blog this week comes by way of Kenny Venere. Kenny is a DPT, Northeastern Alumnus, and also is one of the guys behind the blog at Physiological PT. You can catch up with him @kvenere on Twitter. Thanks for this post, Kenny! There are overwhelming amounts of online resources available to further your learning as a clinician or student. Between the endless amount of blogs (like this one), tweets, journals, research articles, and PowerPoint lectures it can be

Physical Therapy Marketing: The Consumer Decision Making Process

When someone makes a purchase, they typically progress through a series of discrete steps called the Consumer Decision Making Process or The Buyer’s Journey. Photo Via Juniorbiz One of the Holy Grails of marketing is to have a complete understanding of the buyer’s journey. Knowing every cognitive, psychological, and sociological aspect that led to your target customer’s end decision would mean you’ve ostensibly ‘beaten the game’. You’d be able to recognize the various different touch