The Whys & Hows of Customer Personas in PT

Right now, I’m writing this blog post for Andy, Bill, and Sandy… and it’s pretty likely that you are one of those people. The above 3 examples are some of our company’s actual customer personas; they are the fictional representations of our ideal customers (and blog readers). We created our personas based on actual data about our customer demographics, behaviors, and beliefs, and then added in educated guesses about personal histories, motivations, and concerns. Our customer personas

You Can't Market Your Practice Without Customer Personas

You’ll find out why soon. But first, a story: Imagine yourself in this dreadful scenario for a second. You have been invited to a wedding– your wife’s cousin’s wedding to be precise. They live in Northern Minnesota and you’ve never met them before. You’ve flown all the way out there and the wedding is in a few hours. That’s when disaster strikes. Your wife tells you that she forgot to buy them a gift.

Know Your Customers: Marketing Your Physical Therapy Clinic Successfully

You’ve developed your physical therapy clinic’s unique value proposition, you’ve allocated some money toward marketing your physical therapy clinic, and now you’re utilizing some administrative time to organize a marketing campaign. So, what do your customers want to hear?  What’s the message that’s going to get them to come in droves to your clinic?  How do you know you’re sending the right message? How do you know that you’re marketing to the