Patients are People: Why you should work "after hours," talk about sex, & maybe quit your job.

“I couldn’t have gotten this bad without medical help.” I recently uttered those words to a roomful of PTs, leading to a collective GASP. Someone (me) had just sucked all of the air out of the room. This happened when I spoke at the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim on the patient panel. I’m excited to have been invited to guest blog here this month, in the spirit of patient-centeredness. I suffered from disabling, chronic pelvic

Top 5 Tips for Building Patient-Provider Relationships

If you are at all active in social media, you need no introduction to Jerry Durham. Jerry is passionate about physical therapy, the San Francisco Giants, socks, shoes, and the patient experience. He has presented on the topic of the patient experience at APTA CSM, APTA PPS, and in private training courses for clinic owners and therapists. We asked Jerry for his top 5 tips for building a strong patient/provider relationship. Here’s what he had to share: 1)

Guest Blog: A Patient-Provider Perspective

This month, we've been talking all about the patient-provider relationship. Today we're sharing another patient's story with you, from someone who is a bit of a physical therapy frequent flyer. Rebecca Joseph is a medical student at Tufts University who is currently studying to become a primary care physician, so she has a unique perspective as patient AND provider. We really appreciate her taking the the time to share her thoughts and experiences with us. Thanks, Rebecca! My thoughts about

Creating Meaningful Behavioral Change through Relationships

My friend Mark Fisher is the founder of Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. The MFF Clubhouse (don’t call it a gym!) is a hotbed of evidence based training combined with the theatrics of a Broadway play. MFF’s tagline is “Ridiculous Humans, Serious Fitness.” Over the past few years, Mark has created a culture where clients feel comfortable being themselves while working toward their own personal health goals. When I visited MFF (as I waded through the glitter and

Guest Blog: Creating the Ideal Patient Experience

If you aren’t following @cancergeek on Twitter, you’re missing out on learning more every day about creating the ideal patient experience. Andy DeLaO is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating ideal care experiences for people with cancer. He works with vendors, organizations and healthcare systems to make the difficult world of healthcare easy to understand. This slide caught my eye on Twitter one day, and I asked Andy to explain more to me about it! Thanks

Tuesday Tip: How to Build a Relationship with Your Physical Therapy Patient

Those of you who are active on Twitter need no introduction to Lisa Maczura. She is the sassy, well-spoken, thought-provoking instigator behind the account @lisamacncheese. Lisa is an adult with Cerebral Palsy who reminds all of us that we need to partner with our patients in order to build lifelong relationships. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa at CSM2016 in Anaheim, where she shared her story as part of a patient panel through the Section on Women’s Health.