The ROI of Automation

This month on the blog we’re answering your burning questions about how a Patient Relationship Management platform like StriveHub can provide a return on investment for your practice. Throughout the month of July, as we discuss Automation, Patient Retention, New Patient Generation, and Customer Reactivation, we trust that you will quickly see how the ability to systematize your communication with your patients and collect actionable data will positively impact your bottom line. No one understands the value of automation

Show Me the Money: The ROI of PRM

Over the past few months on the blog, we’ve talked about several aspects of Patient Relationship Management (PRM). We discussed the use of tools such as the NPS® to collect data and drive better business principles, we described the importance of patient retention and ways to improve those metrics, we focused on patient engagement, we encouraged providers to remember that patients are people with goals and wants (as well as needs), we demonstrated how physical therapists can play a

Customer Success Story: ProEx Physical Therapy

Throughout the month of February we’re sharing all about the importance of patient retention at your clinic. We also love sharing the ways that our customers are using our products to help retain their patients and grow their business. Today we’re thrilled to bring you some of the ways that Ben Barron, Director of Business Development for Collectivity Billing and Director of Business Development for ProEx Physical Therapy, is using StriveHub Reach as an outreach and retention tool.

Tuesday Tip #5 - First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter, especially in PT. That's because a patient's "mental model"--if they believe your treatment will actually get them better or not-- has been shown to be among the top predictors of a patient's outcome. In today's Tuesday Tip, Scott discusses how pre-IE emails can be used to start framing a patient's mental model before they even begin care, enabling your PTs to hit the ground running with their patient retention efforts. Watch the video, and

Patient Relationship Management

Yesterday, we announced the launch of StriveHub, a Patient Relationship Management Platform built specifically for health & wellness companies.  Today, we will be outlining what Patient Relationship Management is, and provide some insight into how StriveHub can affect the process.  In the next week, we will continue to peel back layers of the onion, providing a more in-depth look into the different aspects of the StriveHub Platform, and how each can be leveraged to grow your business. What is Patient

Introducing the StriveHub Platform

Over the last 12 months our team at Strive Labs has been working tirelessly to address one of the biggest problems facing our modern healthcare system. Today I’m incredibly excited to announce the result of this hard work, and outline the exciting new places we’re headed next. Where It All Started I’ve spent the better part of the last 8 years studying how people move. Our muscles, bones, and joints — so elegantly designed — all working together to