Technology, Patient Engagement, & #pinksocks

This month on the Strive Labs Blog we’ve been talking about patient engagement. We’ve discussed why patient engagement matters in physical therapy, developing relationships with folks in the workplace to foster improved health for the entire population, and some suggestions on the dos and don’ts of patient engagement. As we close out the month, I’m thrilled to share with you a discussion I had with Nick Adkins. With a Twitter bio that reads like this, how

Tuesday Tip #10: Proactive Engagement Monitoring

This week we're focusing on a certain sub-section of patient engagement-- proactive engagement monitoring. I'm will show you how to leverage tools that help you monitor patient engagement at your practice, and identify patients early on who may be at risk of dropping out of care. One of the ways we can check in on patients during care is by using a Net Promoter® Survey. If you aren't using NPS® at your clinic, we devoted an entire month of content

Patient Engagement

The Dos and Don'ts of Patient Engagement in PT

This month we've been talking all about patient engagement-- why it matters, why compliance is its enemy, and why it can't be put on pause between visits. Below, we have brought you a handy guide that lays out the main points we have been addressing over the last few weeks about what to do (or NOT do) as it pertains to patient engagement in physical therapy. Feel free to share with the other patient engagement advocates you know! A big

Tuesday Tip #9: Patient Engagement Beyond the Clinic

Last week, Scott and Ryan talked about why compliance is a dirty word, and why we should always be aiming for engagement in its place. This week, Ryan talks about ways to engage patients between their visits, helping them continue to see the value of their physical therapy care. Have more questions about patient engagement? Our inbox is always open at, or follow us on Twitter-- we're always ready to talk patient engagement in physical therapy! And

Can We Jump the Fence?

Every once in awhile you hear a talk that makes you want to stand up and yell, “YES! You get it!” That’s how I felt while listening to Michael Riley Jr., PT, DPT speak at Graham Sessions 2016 in January. Mike is the VP of Business Development at Professional Therapy Services in Illinois. He gave one of the “What I Believe” talks, highlighting an area that he believes physical therapists can impact: population health. Mike told the story of

Tuesday Tip #8 - Why Compliance is a Dirty Word

In today's Tuesday Tip, Scott and Ryan discuss an important change to the PT's vocabulary. Specifically, why we should all consider dropping the word compliance from our lexicon, and how developing an engagement mindset can start bringing us down the path towards a better patient-provider alliance. Want to learn more about what we offer your practice? hbspt.cta.load(275574, 'ec254cf7-9617-4e82-b5a1-60ae1a183360', {});