Is your business digitally competent?

We're excited this week to have Gene Shirokobrod as our guest blogger! If you don't know Gene, he is a DPT, an entrepreneur, and a Co-founder and Chief Executive Jedi at UpDoc Media (a site you should check out ASAP if you haven't already). You can reach out to Gene on Twitter @therapyinsiders. And without further ado... I was hungry. My wife was hungry and didn’t particularly care about details, as long as it was sushi. To be fair,

Evidence Based Business – Operating Metrics vs. Clinical Metrics

We're continuing our month of Evidence Based Business by focusing on the metrics. And to do this, we're bringing in an expert. Dr. Troy Bage, PT, DPT is the Executive Director at the Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation. Previously serving as COO at Upstream Rehabilitation, and President of Benchmark PT, Troy brings a ton of experience in metrics, outcomes tracking, and the business side of physical therapy (Full disclosure, Troy is also a member of the Strive Labs

Tuesday Tip: Population Health & Outcomes Tools

On this week's Tuesday Tip, Scott is joined by a very special guest, Heidi Jannenga, President and Co-Founder of WebPT. This week's discussion - how patient reported outcomes can have a major impact on population health. Thank you Heidi for sitting down with us! To learn more about how PTs can get a seat at the table when it comes to population health, click here: hbspt.cta.load(275574, 'ec254cf7-9617-4e82-b5a1-60ae1a183360', {});

Patients are People: Why you should work "after hours," talk about sex, & maybe quit your job.

“I couldn’t have gotten this bad without medical help.” I recently uttered those words to a roomful of PTs, leading to a collective GASP. Someone (me) had just sucked all of the air out of the room. This happened when I spoke at the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim on the patient panel. I’m excited to have been invited to guest blog here this month, in the spirit of patient-centeredness. I suffered from disabling, chronic pelvic

Top 5 Tips for Building Patient-Provider Relationships

If you are at all active in social media, you need no introduction to Jerry Durham. Jerry is passionate about physical therapy, the San Francisco Giants, socks, shoes, and the patient experience. He has presented on the topic of the patient experience at APTA CSM, APTA PPS, and in private training courses for clinic owners and therapists. We asked Jerry for his top 5 tips for building a strong patient/provider relationship. Here’s what he had to share: 1)

Guest Blog: A Patient-Provider Perspective

This month, we've been talking all about the patient-provider relationship. Today we're sharing another patient's story with you, from someone who is a bit of a physical therapy frequent flyer. Rebecca Joseph is a medical student at Tufts University who is currently studying to become a primary care physician, so she has a unique perspective as patient AND provider. We really appreciate her taking the the time to share her thoughts and experiences with us. Thanks, Rebecca! My thoughts about