Tuesday Tip #7 - GetPT1st

In a special #GetPT1st edition of our Tuesday Tip Series, Scott discusses the importance of educating past patients on direct access, and how you can grow your practice by focusing also on patient lifetime retention. For more resources, make sure to check out Get PT 1st on the web and on twitter. And if you haven't yet, click below for our free Patient Retention Rate Calculator to see how your practice is doing! hbspt.cta.load(275574, '634251cd-18bb-4a94-9f04-b0dced26f668', {});


Spreading #GetPT1st Through Effective Communication

I, like most physical therapists, love the #GetPT1st movement. I fundamentally believe that a world where PT is the entry point for musculoskeletal disease is a world with more efficient care, fewer frivolous costs, and (most importantly) happier, healthier people. I believe in this concept so deeply and strongly that I started a company with the grand vision to change the treatment & triage of musculoskeletal disease. When you are in the early stages of growth, whether it be a


Why wouldn't I #GetPT1st?

I work for two DPTs who are trying to change the way people view musculoskeletal disease. I have spent countless hours in the last year trying to catch up for all of the time I misspent doodling and sighing loudly through science and health classes. I read blogs and articles about the benefits of physical therapy, what’s new in physical therapy, and the struggles of rehabilitation post-injury. And I watch over Twitter conversations that include #solvePT, #bizPT, and of


If We Want #GetPT1st to Work, We Have to Think Like a Startup

Every year, 1 in 2 Americans experience a significant musculoskeletal injury… that’s 108 million people. Just about 9 million people get physical therapy every year. Meaning, physical therapy owns 8.3% of the musculoskeletal injury market share (9mil/108mil). If we take a look at the diffusion of innovations graph, we are very clearly still working with true early adopters of our service. If we view this from a business perspective, physical therapy is a fledgling startup. We’ve