DIY Patient Reactivation Plan: Free Download!

Have you ever wanted to reach out to your discharged patients, but didn't know quite where to start? We recognize that starting from scratch can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you're doing it on your own. So we've put together a patient reactivation outline for you, complete with example email copy for you to use going forward. If you're a StriveHub customer already, this download basically walks you through what your Direct Access or Reactivation Workflows in Reach do automatically.

Free Download: 10 Links Your Physical Therapy Patients Will Love

The Puzzle Marketing to patients is a puzzle. When everything fits together, the result is picture perfect. Figuring out where everything comes together takes a lot of time, and if you mistake a couple of pieces for others, nothing seems to work and you end up throwing everything back into the box for the next rainy day or family gathering (seriously, though). You have probably noticed by now that at Strive Labs, we're always talking about the importance of sending