Evidence Based Business – Operating Metrics vs. Clinical Metrics

We're continuing our month of Evidence Based Business by focusing on the metrics. And to do this, we're bringing in an expert. Dr. Troy Bage, PT, DPT is the Executive Director at the Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation. Previously serving as COO at Upstream Rehabilitation, and President of Benchmark PT, Troy brings a ton of experience in metrics, outcomes tracking, and the business side of physical therapy (Full disclosure, Troy is also a member of the Strive Labs

The Art and Science of Customer Experience

This week's guest post is by Jody Ruppert, the CEO of OSI Physical Therapy. Jody has a great point of view on how focusing on customer experience can help an organization grow into a successful business. Thank you so much, Jody! Over the past few years we have focused on building our digital marketing campaign to gain new customers, specifically targeting self-referral customers. While our marketing efforts were largely successful and OSI Physical Therapy was able to grow, we definitely

An Introduction to Evidence Based Business in Physical Therapy

As physical therapists, we have been taught to treat patients according to Evidence Based Practice. Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is an approach to medical practice intended to optimize decision making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well designed and conducted research. "The term was originally used to describe an approach to teaching the practice of medicine and improving decisions by individual physicians about individual patients. Use of the term rapidly expanded to include a previously described approach that emphasized