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Strive Labs Joins the WebPT Family

Read on to learn what this means for our customers, our team, and the entire PT industry. We launched StriveHub in March of 2015. We knew then that the physical therapy industry was about to undergo a dramatic transformation. Challenges facing the industry meant practices had to operate smarter, respond to patient demands faster, and find new ways to grow in an era of stagnant reimbursement. At the time, we hoped StriveHub would change the way physical therapy businesses managed

Tuesday Tip #10: Proactive Engagement Monitoring

This week we're focusing on a certain sub-section of patient engagement-- proactive engagement monitoring. I'm will show you how to leverage tools that help you monitor patient engagement at your practice, and identify patients early on who may be at risk of dropping out of care. One of the ways we can check in on patients during care is by using a Net Promoter® Survey. If you aren't using NPS® at your clinic, we devoted an entire month of content

Tuesday Tip #8 - Why Compliance is a Dirty Word

In today's Tuesday Tip, Scott and Ryan discuss an important change to the PT's vocabulary. Specifically, why we should all consider dropping the word compliance from our lexicon, and how developing an engagement mindset can start bringing us down the path towards a better patient-provider alliance. Want to learn more about what we offer your practice? hbspt.cta.load(275574, 'ec254cf7-9617-4e82-b5a1-60ae1a183360', {});