Top 11 Physical Therapy Marketing Resources to Grow Your Clinic

While there are a lot of physical therapists talking about marketing on LinkedIn and Twitter (check out #bizPT if you haven't already), it still remains difficult to really sink your teeth into marketing strategies and apply them directly to your clinic's marketing strategy. As such, we curated the Top 11 Physical Therapy Marketing Resources. These resources, ranging from podcasts to blog posts, are all from leaders in our industry, and are actionable... meaning checking them out will provide you with

The Biggest Marketing Asset in Physical Therapy

In your physical therapy clinic, you (hopefully) have a of bunch patients who are ‘frequent flyers’; those whose names find their way onto your schedule a few times every year. Because they’ve been in-and-out of your clinic more than most, many of these customers know you, your extended family, and your entire staff (along with their extended family). They can be spotted walking around town sporting a 5 year old raggedy t-shirt with your clinic’s logo & marketing

4 Steps to Use Online Reviews for Physical Therapy Marketing

If you’re like most physical therapy business owners, you underestimate the importance of online reviews, and you have no strategy for increasing them. In fact, one survey of small business owners showed that: Only 50% owners think that receiving online reviews is important factor in driving business. Just 13% have a strategy to increase their number of reviews I’ve talked to hundreds of physical therapy clinic owners, and can say without hesitation that, while these numbers look at

Patient Relationship Management

Yesterday, we announced the launch of StriveHub, a Patient Relationship Management Platform built specifically for health & wellness companies.  Today, we will be outlining what Patient Relationship Management is, and provide some insight into how StriveHub can affect the process.  In the next week, we will continue to peel back layers of the onion, providing a more in-depth look into the different aspects of the StriveHub Platform, and how each can be leveraged to grow your business. What is Patient

8 Thought-Provoking Facts About Physical Therapy You Can't Ignore

1) Each year, 50% of Americans over the age of 18 develop a musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than 3 months. That’s 108 million people.  The physical therapy profession is branding itself as ‘the practitioner of choice for musculoskeletal injuries’.  And while physical therapy may not be the best course of action for all of these people, it’s safe to say that a majority of them would benefit from PT. (Source: 2) In 2007, an estimated

The Whys & Hows of Customer Personas in PT

Right now, I’m writing this blog post for Andy, Bill, and Sandy… and it’s pretty likely that you are one of those people. The above 3 examples are some of our company’s actual customer personas; they are the fictional representations of our ideal customers (and blog readers). We created our personas based on actual data about our customer demographics, behaviors, and beliefs, and then added in educated guesses about personal histories, motivations, and concerns. Our customer personas