The ROI of Relationship Management in Physical Therapy

At Strive Labs, our goal is to assist you in creating and retaining loyal customers through Patient Relationship Management (PRM). We’ve talked about several aspects of PRM on the blog over the past year; we discussed the use of tools such as the NPS® to collect data and drive better business principles, we described the importance of patient retention and ways to improve those metrics, we focused on patient engagement, we encouraged providers to remember that patients are people

NPSTuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip #4: Using NPS® to Drive Business Growth

By now you have probably noticed that we believe that there are huge benefits to using the Net Promoter® Score at your physical therapy clinic. This week we have one last NPS® Tuesday Tip, and I will explain how you can easily reach out to your "promoter" population to drive social reviews at your practice. Check it out below! And if you missed the last three Tuesday Tips, you can find them here, here, and here. We've even

NPSTuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip #2: NPS® for Patient Retention

Last week, Scott went over the basics of what the Net Promoter® Score is, and how it helps you grow your practice. In this week's Tuesday Tip, Ryan provides a quick overview on how to utilize the Net Promoter® Score as a way to measure and improve patient retention. If you're already utilizing the NPS® for patient retention at your clinic, we'd love to hear about how it has affected your business. We've also created a free NPS Calculator Download

Net Promoter® Score: The Physical Therapist's Key to Creating Loyal Customers

Imagine having the ability to identify unhappy customers at their third visit in order to perform a customer service rescue to create a satisfied lifelong client. Or the ability to identify your biggest fans at discharge in order to ask them to tell their friends and family about your services. This isn't a dream - a tool exists that can help you create and retain loyal customers. This tool is the Net Promoter® Score (NPS®). The Net Promoter® Score was


Spreading #GetPT1st Through Effective Communication

I, like most physical therapists, love the #GetPT1st movement. I fundamentally believe that a world where PT is the entry point for musculoskeletal disease is a world with more efficient care, fewer frivolous costs, and (most importantly) happier, healthier people. I believe in this concept so deeply and strongly that I started a company with the grand vision to change the treatment & triage of musculoskeletal disease. When you are in the early stages of growth, whether it be a


If We Want #GetPT1st to Work, We Have to Think Like a Startup

Every year, 1 in 2 Americans experience a significant musculoskeletal injury… that’s 108 million people. Just about 9 million people get physical therapy every year. Meaning, physical therapy owns 8.3% of the musculoskeletal injury market share (9mil/108mil). If we take a look at the diffusion of innovations graph, we are very clearly still working with true early adopters of our service. If we view this from a business perspective, physical therapy is a fledgling startup. We’ve