The Art and Science of Customer Experience

This week's guest post is by Jody Ruppert, the CEO of OSI Physical Therapy. Jody has a great point of view on how focusing on customer experience can help an organization grow into a successful business. Thank you so much, Jody! Over the past few years we have focused on building our digital marketing campaign to gain new customers, specifically targeting self-referral customers. While our marketing efforts were largely successful and OSI Physical Therapy was able to grow, we definitely

Tuesday Tip: Population Health & Outcomes Tools

On this week's Tuesday Tip, Scott is joined by a very special guest, Heidi Jannenga, President and Co-Founder of WebPT. This week's discussion - how patient reported outcomes can have a major impact on population health. Thank you Heidi for sitting down with us! To learn more about how PTs can get a seat at the table when it comes to population health, click here: hbspt.cta.load(275574, 'ec254cf7-9617-4e82-b5a1-60ae1a183360', {});

Tuesday Tip: Population Health in Physical Therapy

This week, Scott and Ryan discuss how PTs are using StriveHub to have an impact on population health in their local communities. If this Tuesday Tip peaked your interest and you are interested in learning more about how we can help you serve your local community, click here: hbspt.cta.load(275574, 'ec254cf7-9617-4e82-b5a1-60ae1a183360', {});

Guest Blog: A Patient-Provider Perspective

This month, we've been talking all about the patient-provider relationship. Today we're sharing another patient's story with you, from someone who is a bit of a physical therapy frequent flyer. Rebecca Joseph is a medical student at Tufts University who is currently studying to become a primary care physician, so she has a unique perspective as patient AND provider. We really appreciate her taking the the time to share her thoughts and experiences with us. Thanks, Rebecca! My thoughts about

Patient Engagement

The Dos and Don'ts of Patient Engagement in PT

This month we've been talking all about patient engagement-- why it matters, why compliance is its enemy, and why it can't be put on pause between visits. Below, we have brought you a handy guide that lays out the main points we have been addressing over the last few weeks about what to do (or NOT do) as it pertains to patient engagement in physical therapy. Feel free to share with the other patient engagement advocates you know! A big

Tuesday Tip #9: Patient Engagement Beyond the Clinic

Last week, Scott and Ryan talked about why compliance is a dirty word, and why we should always be aiming for engagement in its place. This week, Ryan talks about ways to engage patients between their visits, helping them continue to see the value of their physical therapy care. Have more questions about patient engagement? Our inbox is always open at, or follow us on Twitter-- we're always ready to talk patient engagement in physical therapy! And