Introducing the StriveHub Mobile App for Patients

When you’re a physical therapy patient, roughly 99% of the recovery process occurs outside of the clinic and without your therapist. This means that adhering to a home exercise program is crucial to a speedy and successful recovery, but up until now we haven't exactly made it easy for patients to stick to their plans.

Often times these home exercise programs are photocopied printouts with hieroglyphic-esque sketches that more often than not would end up in a trash can or backseat of a car. Even when a patient holds onto their printout, the format leaves much to be desired. What if there were a better way to show patients how to do their exercises and help them keep in touch once they’re outside of the clinic? Cue: StriveHub.

We are excited to announce that the StriveHub mobile app is now available on all Android and iOS devices. Gone are the days of patients skipping an exercise because they can't remember how to do it or waiting a full week to tell their therapist that an exercise is too easy or hard.

So how does it work? Simply create a careplan for your patient using StriveHub Prescribe and they will receive an email with a link to download the app on their Android or iOS mobile device. Once they download the app and validate their account, they will instantly be able to:

Recover Faster

Patients have unlimited, round-the-clock access to on-demand high-definition exercise videos.

Stay Connected

Patients and therapists can send and receive secure messages, thus strengthening patient-provider communication.

Send Feedback

Patients can let their therapists know if something’s too easy or too hard—thus ensuring they stay challenged without getting discouraged.

Set Goals

Patients stay on track and motivated as they experience progress.

Patients can download the app today on the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching “StriveHub.”

If you want to talk more about how the StriveHub Platform can help you retain your customers and grow referrals, click here and request a demo!

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