Strive Labs Joins the WebPT Family

Read on to learn what this means for our customers, our team, and the entire PT industry.

We launched StriveHub in March of 2015. We knew then that the physical therapy industry was about to undergo a dramatic transformation.

Challenges facing the industry meant practices had to operate smarter, respond to patient demands faster, and find new ways to grow in an era of stagnant reimbursement. At the time, we hoped StriveHub would change the way physical therapy businesses managed their patient relationships. But we had no idea the product would grow as quickly as it did.

Managing Growth

Now, just two and a half years after launch, thousands of PT practices across the country manage their patient relationships using StriveHub. All together, StriveHub users now send more than 3 million messages a year to their patients. Perhaps the most satisfying number for us as a team: We've seen a 98% customer retention rate since launch. Helping our customers grow is what gets us excited to go to work every day, and we're so grateful to have had the opportunity to help as many practices as we have to date.

Seeing this kind of growth over such a short period of time has been humbling. For the team, it has meant lots of late nights, many missed dinners with family, and numerous other sacrifices, large and small. Strive Labs is an eight-person company. And as you can imagine, supporting thousands of practices and millions of patients takes some serious work. I can't thank our team enough for the countless hours they have put in to get us to this point.

Getting Better Together

When Ryan and I founded our first company, TheraVid, I remember reaching out to Heidi Jannenga, the co-founder of WebPT. We hadn't written a line of code yet, but I wanted to let her know that what she had achieved with WebPT was incredibly inspiring. Knowing that a PT could found a tech company and grow it so quickly was beyond motivating. I had no idea then that in less than five years’ time, we would be colleagues.

A few months ago, Ryan and I took a meeting with WebPT's new CEO, Nancy Ham. The goal of the meeting was to discuss improvements to our data integration with WebPT. We ended up staying an hour longer than planned, and I think we only talked about the integration for maybe 10 minutes. From the start, we knew that Nancy was different than any other software CEO we had interacted with. Even though she’s a newcomer to the PT industry, her track record in health care—and her dedication to technology improving patient care and experience—is impressive. She was exactly the kind of person we could see ourselves working with. So, when Nancy asked us a few weeks later if we would be interested in finding a way for Strive Labs to join the WebPT family, we knew it was an opportunity too good to pass up—not only for us and the team, but also for the entire physical therapy industry.

Building an Open Platform

While nearly half of our customers use WebPT, both Strive Labs and WebPT remain dedicated to serving the entire industry. This means we’ll continue to support every practice, regardless of its EMR provider. This mutual dedication to building an open platform is what drew us to WebPT, and it’s the reason why we are so excited for what’s to come. We now support customers across 15 different EMR systems, and we remain dedicated to supporting each one of those integrations. Unfortunately, the open systems concept seems to be an outlier in health care at large, but we hope to lead by example here in the physical therapy industry.

Rallying the Team

Another thing I'm incredibly excited about is that our entire team here at Strive Labs is staying on board, and we're going to continue driving innovation out of our office in Downtown Boston. For some founders, a merger is an opportunity to slow down and step away from the business. That's not the game plan for us, though. We're just getting started, and if anything, joining the WebPT family has simply allowed us to speed up. We remain just as dedicated to serving the PT industry as we were the day we founded the company. But now that Strive Labs is a WebPT company, we've been able to push our vision forward faster than ever before. For those of you who have been following Strive Labs since the beginning, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Looking Forward

So, what's next? Well, that's up to our customers. We've always tried hard to listen first—and build second. So right now, we're doing just that. We're open to hearing how you would like us to continue to shape the patient relationship management (PRM) industry. One thing I can say for sure is that we're hiring! If you or someone you know is interested in joining our crazy crew, we'd love to talk to you!

In the next few weeks, you'll be hearing a lot more about some heavily requested features. Since the very start, our objective has been to help practices attract new referrals and retain existing patients. To that end, we're developing some lovely new products in the Lab, and we can't wait to show them to you.

I know many of you still have questions. We'd love to chat! As always, you can leave a comment here, hit us up on Twitter, or email us at

Lastly, to our friends, families, mentors, advisors, and most importantly, our incredibly dedicated customers: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your support, patience, and candid feedback has helped build the incredible products and company we have today.

And to our new WebPT family: Get ready, because the fun's just beginning!


Scott and the Strive Labs Team

Scott Hebert PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, Software Developer, CEO & Founder of Strive Labs, Inc. Lover of Buffalo Chicken Pizza.