Free Download: 10 Links Your Physical Therapy Patients Will Love

The Puzzle

Marketing to patients is a puzzle. When everything fits together, the result is picture perfect. Figuring out where everything comes together takes a lot of time, and if you mistake a couple of pieces for others, nothing seems to work and you end up throwing everything back into the box for the next rainy day or family gathering (seriously, though).

You have probably noticed by now that at Strive Labs, we're always talking about the importance of sending the right message to the right patient at the right time. And we always like to provide ways to do that on your own-- we know that you're busy and can’t quite justify hiring a fancy marketing consultant right now. We have already provided The Official, Comprehensive, Always Up to Date, Always Crazy Long, Always Awesome Marketing Resources List, reactivation campaign content to help you get past patients who need PT back in your clinic, and a DIY way to measure customer loyalty using the NPS®. These are all tools you can use to plan and track your outreach efforts to patients before, during, and after care.

Be Strategic About Your Outreach

If you’ve already taken advantage of some of those downloads in the past, or if you have developed similar systems at your practice already, great! We’ve got another one to add to your marketing plan, and it’s all about helping you to provide valuable content specific to your patients. “Strategic” can sometimes sound like a synonym for difficult or time consuming, but when marketing to your patients, basic strategy stems from these four questions:

What am I sending?

Is this content the right message to be sending out?

Who am I sending this to?

Is this the right person to receive this message?

What is the value of this content to the people I want to reach?

If you don’t know the answer to this, or if it’s a stretch, find something different to send. Many times we see practices sending out injury specific content to their entire email list. Would your elderly patients with cervical pain benefit from "3 Tips to Avoid Knee Pain in Your Next Marathon"? Probably not, and this could cause them to opt-out of emails from your clinic in the future.

When should I send this?

Isolate a logical time before, during, or after care that you can send this content along.

Free Download!

Below, you will find our free download with a list of 10 links (some by us, some we’ve found) that you could use, along with suggested segment of patients you could send them to. It’s one thing to find interesting content, and it’s quite another to line up who exactly you would send it to. Check it out and let us know what you think. If anything, we really hope that this sparks some ideas for you; once you get used to the flow, you can substitute in any content you’d like to share.

If you're already a StriveHub customer, many of these links are already in Reach, and likely already running as a Workflow. But if you aren't working with us yet and you're looking to save time while marketing to your patients automatically, StriveHub Reach may be a good fit for your practice-- you can learn more about automating your marketing here.

10 Links Your Patients Will Love

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