The ROI of Automation

This month on the blog we’re answering your burning questions about how a Patient Relationship Management platform like StriveHub can provide a return on investment for your practice. Throughout the month of July, as we discuss Automation, Patient Retention, New Patient Generation, and Customer Reactivation, we trust that you will quickly see how the ability to systematize your communication with your patients and collect actionable data will positively impact your bottom line.

No one understands the value of automation like the solo practitioner or owner of a small private practice.

How do I know? Because I was that person - the owner of a cash based private physical therapy practice, which also made me the CEO, CFO, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Front Office Coordinator, the therapist, the clinic assistant/tech, the Head of HR, the cleaning crew, and the Head of Materials Management. In short, I wore all the hats.

As the owner of a small private practice, I worked all day treating patients, and then most of the night sending emails to answer patient questions, reach out to patients who had fallen off the schedule (Patient Retention), check in with patients who had finished their course of care (Reactivation), and build and maintain relationships with referral sources (Generation). As you can imagine (or as you may be experiencing yourself), this was fairly exhausting. I came up with all sorts of systems to accomplish these tasks, but my constant lament was, “If only this could all just happen automatically!”

I toyed with the idea of hiring Admin help, but that really seemed like almost too much. What I needed was to take some of these vitally important relationship building tasks off my mind and out of my hands. In all honesty, the first time I sat down with Scott and Ryan and they explained the platform to me, my jaw dropped down and I said,

“That’s what I needed all along, I just didn’t know it existed.”

From my own experience, I can tell you that the most vital ways that StriveHub can automate your processes and give you a huge ROI are:

Integration with your EMR

We integrate with all major billing and documentation platforms. You can just export your patient list and import it into StriveHub. We update patient information automatically to make sure your data stays in sync. Then you can set up lists, or “buckets” to segment your population. You can use the data you are already collecting to group customers by age, diagnosis, clinic location, and a host of other contact properties to increase the impact of your marketing efforts.

You decide how to set up your buckets: it could be as drilled down as “30-45 years old with low back pain at Boston clinic” or “50 and 55 years old with knee osteoarthritis whose primary therapist is Sarah.” Setting up these buckets will allow you to automate your reactivation campaigns, so that you can send the right information to the right patient at the right time.

As an example, in January you can send out an article on low back pain and snow shoveling to all past low back pain or cervical patients who are between 30-60 years old. You could provide some valuable information in the article, and add a call to action such as “Click here to schedule an appointment with your physical therapist to update your exercise program for your back!" In the Spring you could share an article on how to stretch before you garden, in Fall an infographic on proper leaf raking techniques. These are just simple seasonal examples of how to stay in touch with your patients in a relevant way.

Our data suggests that such campaigns provide a great ROI, bringing your valuable patients back into the clinic to meet with their therapist, or at the very least keep you and your clinic top-of-mind if they know a friend or family member who needs PT. For example, Solutions PT reported that after their first reactivation email, the returning patients generated enough revenue to recoup 2/3 of the financial investment in StriveHub for the entire year. The second email campaign easily generated enough revenue to not only pay for the remaining cost of StriveHub for the year, but generate a positive ROI after only 4 months of being a StriveHub customer. (Read more about the success experienced by Solutions Physical Therapy here!)

Automated distribution of the NPS®

Instead of calling or emailing each patient individually to ask how they are doing after their first few appointments, or handing out a “patient satisfaction survey” to assess patients’ feelings about their therapy, StriveHub automates sending the NPS® at a time you determine. Many of our clients send the NPS® within the first 10 days of care. This allows you to collect feedback early on in the course of care to determine if the patient is a Detractor (having a poor experience at your clinic), Neutral, or a Promoter (having a great experience and ready to tell friends and family about it).

Determining early on that a patient is a detractor allows you to perform a service rescue and develop trust with that patient. This helps with patient retention, which we know has a huge ROI, since caring for patients until they complete their course of care is good for the patient and good for your finances; StriveHub customers have seen up to a 25% reduction in early patient dropout just by identifying their detractors and intervening in real time… automatically! You can also reward your customer evangelists by sending them special deals and engaging content and repeatedly pinpoint your most satisfied customers and make it easy for them to tell their friends and family how awesome you are.

From a KPI standpoint, StriveHub’s Net Promoter® Dashboard allows clinics to easily analyze their patients' satisfaction surveys, track trends, and implement changes to manage customer retention and drive business growth. It allows owners to easily view NPS Scores for each of their therapists, and filter by primary injury type and/or clinic location to identify trends over time. Owners can create & monitor custom trends to understand how their front desk staff, clinic cleanliness, or other aspects of care affect the patient experience. You can read more about the NPS here.

Share engaging content with your customers

StriveHub makes sending engaging content simple. Beautiful, branded email and blog post templates ensure your content looks amazing. If you don't have time to create content, we've got you covered there too. We provide our customers with a monthly listing of the best content for each industry, and we make it simple to aggregate content from anywhere on the web.

Automated outreach

StriveHub makes it simple to send welcome messages, check-ins, surveys, and targeted content to your clients at certain points in the care process, automatically, leaving you more time to do what you do best: run your business. Set up the first 10 weeks of communication with your customers, and then keep them retained in your system by sending targeted content and informing them of new events and promotions.

Patient Portal

Our patient portal (StriveHub Portal) and home exercise prescription tool (StriveHub Prescribe), monitor patient engagement in real time to ensure your clients remain engaged in their care. Designed specifically for health and wellness, StriveHub Portal offers clients personalized access to custom designed exercise routines, secure messaging, and workout tracking features that have been shown to effectively keep patients engaged in the care process.

By providing your customers with tools and technology that they actually want to utilize to keep them engaged in care, StriveHub Portal consistently achieves patient engagement rates of over 50%, 10x higher than the current Medicare Meaningful Use guidelines.

I know now that StriveHub automates all of the tasks that I used to do manually. It helps collect and track data, and frees you up to provide amazing customer service and care to your patients – and that’s the best return on investment there is! We’re looking forward to sharing more about the ROI of PRM with you this month!

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Ann Wendel

Physical Therapist, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Kettlebell Lover. Director of Brand Marketing for @strive_labs and @APTAtweets Media Spokesperson.