Customer Success Story: Solutions PT

Every month we like to share a customer success story with you to highlight the ways in which StriveHub customers are growing their practice and building relationships. This month we are happy to share some ways that Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Alexandria, Virginia, recently reached out to their local community to offer value to past patients.

I spoke with Andy Sotirokos, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS about a recent reactivation campaign that Solutions used for community outreach. Andy is certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling and Hardstyle Kettlebell and is also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He is a consultant to CrossFit South Arlington, treats patients and assists with day-to-day operations in the clinic, which was founded by his wife, Christina Smith, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, in 2009. Thanks for sharing with us, Andy!

The Process

To start, Andy said that Solutions PT sent out NPS® surveys to patients in December 2015. They received good feedback and were able to easily identify their Promoters. Recently, Solutions PT decided to run a reactivation campaign to reach out to past patients with an offer for a free wellness screening. The email reactivation campaign was only sent to Promoters, as a way to reconnect with those former patients that reported that said they would recommend Solutions PT to their friends and family. Through the NPS®, Solutions PT identified 390 Promoters among their past patients.

Solutions PT used a landing page designed by Strive Labs for the campaign, including a contact form for interested patients. The link to the landing page was emailed out through StriveHub Reach to all Promoters. Then the Solutions PT team reached out via phone to patients who said they were interested in signing up for the screening. Since the physical therapists at Solutions PT practice under Direct Access, they were able to offer the ability to convert to a physical therapy evaluation on the spot for any patients who complained of pain or dysfunction on the day of the screening.

Andy explains that the team was set up to do an SFMA with patients the day of the screening; but, what they found was that when patients came in, they already knew what they needed. Patients would say,

“My other shoulder starting hurting, and I kept meaning to reach out to you, but I would forget. When you sent me the email about the wellness screening, it was easy for me to just fill out the form to get scheduled to get back into the clinic to my physical therapist.”

The Stats

Two different emails were sent to the Promoters about 2 weeks apart. Solutions PT had 53 patients sign up for the screening. Andy shared that after the first email, the returning patients generated enough revenue to recoup 2/3 of the financial investment in StriveHub for the entire year. The second email campaign easily generated enough revenue to not only pay for the remaining cost of StriveHub for the year, but generate a positive ROI after only 4 months of being a StriveHub customer.

The conversion rate from the second email campaign was 66% (66% of those Promoters contacted scheduled and arrived for a screening). Of those who arrived, 92% converted to an initial evaluation or re-evaluation. Andy shared that it was well worth it to invest in StriveHub to identify Promoters and reactivate those who would benefit from physical therapy intervention (see more on leveraging patient evangelists here).

Additionally, Andy says that he is excited to start using the patient portal this summer. He expects it to be very helpful in building and continuing the relationship with his patients. Patients are given the option to continue to access their information and utilize the secure communication platform even after completing their care plan for that course of therapy. He expects that patients will continue to utilize this service for long term management of issues (such as chronic pain or diabetes through exercise). Andy appreciates the ability to help his patients manage chronic health conditions through education on exercise and behavior change. Solutions PT plans to continue to grow in this area over time, to offer patients complete wellness services in the areas of exercise, nutrition and behavior change through a team approach.

Solutions PT is an example of a clinic that embraces the idea of the patient lifecycle.

One of our goals is for therapists at Solutions PT to explain to their patients that they are not “discharged”; they are just completing their course of care for that particular issue.

Solutions PT seeks to build long term relationships with members of the local community in order to assist them in their pursuit of health over their entire lifespan. Thanks, Andy, for talking with us and sharing your story!

As Direct Access providers, physical therapists must take responsibility for inquiring about the patient's general health at their initial evaluation. We must take vital signs, document medications, and ask about any lab work the patient has recently undergone.

During the evaluation, we are assessing the patient's general level of alertness and cognition, safety during ambulation and assessing for falls risk. Through a reactivation campaign, we are periodically checking on the patient's general level of health, and making appropriate referrals and recommendations. This leads to downstream savings for healthcare and improved health and quality of life for our communities.

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Ann Wendel

Physical Therapist, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Kettlebell Lover. Director of Brand Marketing for @strive_labs and @APTAtweets Media Spokesperson.