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If you aren’t following @cancergeek on Twitter, you’re missing out on learning more every day about creating the ideal patient experience. Andy DeLaO is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating ideal care experiences for people with cancer. He works with vendors, organizations and healthcare systems to make the difficult world of healthcare easy to understand. This slide caught my eye on Twitter one day, and I asked Andy to explain more to me about it! Thanks Andy!

rules of healthcare

I created The Rules of Healthcare to remind healthcare providers what it takes to create and deliver an ideal patient (people) experience.

The creation and delivery of an ideal patient experience happens at the N of 1. It happens one patient at a time.

The physical fluff like paint, robes, art work, or waterfalls may set the backdrop, but it is the humanity of connecting with the patient that decides if it is an ideal patient experience or just crap.

It means that the pagers, cell phones, and other annoying rings, dings, and pings need to be silenced, ignored, and left on the other side of the door.

It means knocking on the door and being on time, smiling, and introducing myself to the patient and their family members.

It means that no matter how bad my day is going- the complexity of my last exam, the bad news I just had to deliver, the backlog of dictations that need to be done, or the other people waiting - that I connect with this patient.

It is a reminder that I need to treat this patient as if they are the only patient I am meeting today. I cannot rush through this patient to try and get to the next one, or try to catch up or make up time. The most important thing is this patient, their needs, my listening, and this moment.

Sharing my undivided TIME with a patient builds TRUST. Earning their trust leads to a TRANSPARENT conversation. A transparent conversation addresses their fear so I can manage the TRANSITION in the patient’s journey (The 4Ts of Healthcare).

Each patient awards me their time and attention.

It is my obligation to deliver back an ideal patient experience.

I want to thank Ann Wendel and Strive Labs for giving me the privilege to connect with all of you. I am confident that together we can put the #MeInMedicine and deliver an ideal patient experience by scaling it at the N of 1.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek.


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