NPS® Calculator Spreadsheet: Free Download!

Calculating your NPS® just got easier.

We recognize that analyzing NPS® data by provider or location can be a pain and take a really long time, especially when you're doing it on your own. So we've made this free and easy spreadsheet to do the calculating for you!

If you're a customer already, this download is basically the manual way of doing what your NPS® Dashboard does automatically, so check out this video to see how you can access all of this information in StriveHub Reach.

If you have been collecting NPS® manually for a while now, you know how much time it takes to collect and organize the data. But this tool will let you slice and dice that data on the fly.

This download will:

  • Automatically calculate your NPS®

  • Filter your NPS® by location, body part, and therapist

  • Provide your NPS® breakdown by Promoter %, Passive %, and Detractor %

  • Chart your NPS® over time

    Click below to start tracking your data today!

Download DIY NPS® Calculator Here!

Below, you'll find a short tutorial to help you make the most of this resource:

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