Make Online Customer Reviews Work Harder for Your Clinic

After your patients are finished with care, many of them are highly satisfied and willing to share their experience at your clinic via an online review… but most of them don’t actually follow through. The reasoning behind this is simple: patients don’t know how valuable a good review can be for your business, and they don’t know where to write the review.

So, the first thing you want to do is motivate your customers to write a review. This is also simple to do: if you are looking to increase your reviews, just ask your patients to take action.

I want to stress, however, that you should **not **shove a computer in your patient’s face while they are in the clinic and ask them to fill out their review in front of you. This really puts patients in an uncomfortable position, and most web sites will flag and remove reviews that come from the same IP address.

Instead, simply ask your patients to log on from their home computer and leave a review…. you’ll be surprised with how many reviews you can get using this method.

Now, while getting a patient to write a review is valuable, it’s much more valuable if the patient writes a review on the correct website.

There are many options here (Facebook, Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, etc), but there is one site that I believe you should direct all of your patients to: Your Local Business Google Page (also known as your company’s Google+ Page).

On your Google+ page, it’s very simple for your patients to leave a review.  And there’s a simple advantage to Google Reviews versus other alternatives: boosting your Google Reviews will simultaneously make your clinic come up on the first page when a prospective patient searches “Physical Therapy [Your Town],” which is absolutely necessary from a Search Engine Optimization point of view.

Not only will you come up sooner when prospective customers are looking for your services, you’ll also have those 5 stars underneath your name and a ton of reviews from actual people talking about how awesome your clinic is. And as we’ve covered previously, online reviews are essential since 70% of people report putting a high level of trust in online customer reviews. Therefore, this type of social proof will undoubtedly drive more customers to your clinic- customers that you can get to fill out reviews to keep the cycle going!

While this sounds great, I’m sure you can also sense that there is a lot of work and coordination between clinical and front-desk staff involved in an effort like this. That’s where Patient Relationship Management tools like StriveHub Reach come in handy. If you want to learn how you can automate this process and drive your word-of-mouth marketing (and business growth), click below!

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Ryan Klepps

Physical Therapist, COO & Co-Founder of Strive Labs, Inc.

Somerville, MA