Why Every Physical Therapist Should be on Social Media

I came across an interesting infographic from Master-of-Health-Administration.com entitled Healthcare and Social Media that included some eye-popping statistics. Namely, social media users are more likely to trust a post by a doctor than by any other group.

As a physical therapist, after reading that statistic, the only logical thing to do is to head over to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and create a professional profile.

If you are an owner of a clinic,  you can create accounts for your business. But, perhaps just as importantly, you should create an account for yourself, and link it to your clinic’s account. If you were creating a personal account on Twitter, your bio could look something like this:

Owner of @ExamplePhysicalTherapy. Patient Advocate. Weekend Warrior. Serving the Greater Boston area with killer manual therapy & running analysis since ’99.

Creating a clinic and personal account completes two main objectives: you  increase the visibility of your business with your clinic account, and provide a level of personability and accessibility with your personal account.

And then, all of a sudden, you’re leveraging social media to market your physical therapy clinic.

Check out the infographic below:Healthcare and Social Media

Image compliments of Master of Health Administration Degrees

Building relationships with your community (i.e. your target customer) is a key principle in marketing, and many companies are accomplishing this task through social media usage. In the medical community, we know that patients trust their medical professionals more than almost anyone else on the planet. Many are open to communicating with their doctors through social media. You have the opportunity to become a thought leader and go-to informational source for your community by building a social media presence. Seize that opportunity!

Originally posted on the TheraVid Blog, July 17, 2013. TheraVid is a product of Strive Labs, Inc. .

Ryan Klepps

Physical Therapist, COO & Co-Founder of Strive Labs, Inc.

Somerville, MA http://strivehub.com