Should I get back together with my Physical Therapist?

Dear Physical Therapist, I’ve always been told the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. (takes deep breath) I have a (musculoskeletal) problem. There. I said it. I’m 29, single, and in the prime years of my life — yet here I am again, feeling broken and writing about my sincere longing for some stability in my life. It all started at the tender age of 12, when I fell head over heels…and

The ROI of Relationship Management in Physical Therapy

At Strive Labs, our goal is to assist you in creating and retaining loyal customers through Patient Relationship Management (PRM). We’ve talked about several aspects of PRM on the blog over the past year; we discussed the use of tools such as the NPS® to collect data and drive better business principles, we described the importance of patient retention and ways to improve those metrics, we focused on patient engagement, we encouraged providers to remember that patients are people

Is your business digitally competent?

We're excited this week to have Gene Shirokobrod as our guest blogger! If you don't know Gene, he is a DPT, an entrepreneur, and a Co-founder and Chief Executive Jedi at UpDoc Media (a site you should check out ASAP if you haven't already). You can reach out to Gene on Twitter @therapyinsiders. And without further ado... I was hungry. My wife was hungry and didn’t particularly care about details, as long as it was sushi. To be fair,

Free Download: 10 Links Your Physical Therapy Patients Will Love

The Puzzle Marketing to patients is a puzzle. When everything fits together, the result is picture perfect. Figuring out where everything comes together takes a lot of time, and if you mistake a couple of pieces for others, nothing seems to work and you end up throwing everything back into the box for the next rainy day or family gathering (seriously, though). You have probably noticed by now that at Strive Labs, we're always talking about the importance of sending

Customer Success Story: The Importance of Online Review Generation

This month on the Strive Labs Blog we’re discussing reputation management. By now, we’ve all probably heard the saying that “Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” These days, “the room” is a global network that runs 24/7. With review sites like Yelp, potential customers have access to stories good and bad about customers’ experiences with your business – stories they would have only had access to via word of